Fish Processing Plant

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Chinook fillet Cod fillet Coho salmon fillet Filet of cat Fillet grenadier Flounder fillet Haddock fillet Hake fillet Halibut fillet Mackerel fillet Navaga fillet Pangasius fillet Perch fillet Pike fillet Pike perch fillet Pink salmon fillet Pollock fillet Saithe fillet Salmon fillet Sockeye fillet Squid carcass, peeled Tilapia fillet Trout fillet Tuna fillet

Types of packaging

  • Individual freezing (IQF); glaze 3%, 5%; plastic bag; cardboard box
  • Colored plastic bag
  • Vacuum bag
  • Double-pack (vacuum bag enclosed in a color bag with a logo)
  • Block freezing (a block of master cardboard, three blocks in a corrugated box)

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